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Blackwood Consulting and Training is a highly dynamic, competent, passionate, fast growing learning & development organization providing inspirational, innovative & experiential corporate training solutions, team building activities in addition to professional & youth business events, all empowered by qualified internal resources and a network of affiliated partners. Our solutions are fully customized and designed based on the needs of our clients with the aim of achieving lasting results.

Blackwood was established in 2013

and has trained more than 50,000 participants from junior staff to top executive management throughout the last 5 years.

With us, You’re always standing out of the competition!

Whether you are looking to develop your employees’ skill sets to improve workplace efficiency or aspiring to take your business to the next level, we can find a course specific to your needs.

We have an exceptional style of training which consolidates all the ideal attributes – professional, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, helping us to deliver beneficial and enjoyable service. We strive for your business to get the most from our bespoke training programmes so both you and your staff have not only enjoyed the experience but are fully proficient in the chosen area of study, and are ready to implement that learning into the workplace.

We help companies of all sizes

We help companies of all sizes, from the largest agencies down to small regional firms.

Our services help you thrive in what has become a tightly regulated and highly competitive environment.


If you are ever contemplating why you should choose BOOST as your number one provider for people development, then here are 7 main reasons to consider.


    We offer a portfolio of Board game-based leadership simulations, that address a range of essential leadership capabilities – from change management and team performance to stakeholder engagement and strategy execution to improve the team alignment and efficiency.

  2. Recognized certificates and qualifications

    We are ISO 29990:2010 registered provider. Our courses, where applicable, have been accredited by the relevant professional Institution or Awarding Body.

  3. Wide Range of Training Subjects

    We have an unrivalled selection of courses from leadership, management and business, into more specialist and technical areas of expertise.

  4. In-house and Customized Courses

    We conduct many courses in house, tailored to your specific needs. We work with you to achieving your goal, as your success is our success.

  5. Internationally Certified Instructors

    We have one of the largest and most extensive portfolio of highly qualified, experienced experts, chosen as being the best in their professional field.

  6. Advanced Reporting System

    We write an advanced reporting system, that is well designed, clear, and straight to the point.. collecting all the data of all the students evaluations on the training course and the instructor.

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