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About the Course

Name: LTE Drive Testing & Performance Evaluation

Code: G-IT012

Sectors: Information Technology Management

Date Days Venue Fees
15 - 19 Nov 2020 5 Dubai, UAE $3,500 إحجز الآن


This programme was designed for LTE radio engineers and optimisers. Participants will get hands-on experience with network analysis tools and log files as they learn the requirements and objectives of drive test based network testing and tuning.

The programme begins with an explanation of the purpose of drive testing and will go over the steps of preparation that are required for effective network testing including an explanation of the testing equipment required for drive testing and the setup and configuration of the equipment. Participants will also learn how to best determine drive test routes and determine the objective of the testing as well as how to interpret and analyse the results.


  • A solid foundation on which to develop knowledge of LTE network testing and tuning.
  • Skills to efficiently perform LTE network testing and performance analysis.
  • Recognise and develop best-practice for performance optimization.
  • Confidence to recognize LTE performance issues and perform trouble shooting.
  • Knowledge to thoroughly understand the signalling processes within the LTE access network and to follow those processes in drive test log files.
  • Use 3GPP KPIs to measure LTE network performance.
  • Familiarity with typical drive test equipment and test tools.
  • Evaluate log files and recognise performance issues.
  • Suggest changes to network parameters to resolve performance problems

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