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About the Course

Name: AC Motors and Drives

Code: E-EI017

Sectors: Electrical Engineering & instrumentation

Date Days Venue Fees
19 - 23 Jul 2020 5 Dubai, UAE $3,500 BOOK NOW


It is estimated that electrical drives and other rotating equipment consume about 50% of the total electrical energy consumed in the world today. The variable frequency drive (VFD) industry is growing rapidly, and it is now more important than ever for technicians and maintenance personnel to keep VFD installations running smoothly. Both industrial and commercial variable frequency drive applications are addressed, with discussion of installation issues, troubleshooting, metering, sizing and selection, energy savings with variable frequency drives, and more.

This outstanding seminar gives you a fundamental understanding of the installation, operation and troubleshooting of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs). Typical practical applications of VSDs in process control and materials handling such as those for submersible pumps, and ventilations are covered in detail. You will gain a fundamental understanding of the installation, operation and troubleshooting of electric motors & VFDs. Typical applications of electric motors in mining, manufacturing, materials handling and process control are covered in detail. You will learn the basic steps in specifying, installing, wiring and commissioning motors & VFD. The concluding section of the course gives you the fundamental tools in troubleshooting motors confidently and effectively.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of all the Sessions in this study course, the participant will be able to:

✓ Understand the operation, construction and characteristics of AC induction motors.

✓ Understand the principles of AC variable frequency control

✓ Identify the differences between variable and constant torque applications

✓ Understand the principle operation of Variable Frequency Drives for different applications

✓ Select motors for Variable Frequency Drives.

✓ Overview different types of motor duties.

✓ Read & explain the motor NP data.

✓ Motor de-rating factors.

✓ Interpret motor performance curves.

✓ Understand the VFD techniques.

✓ Understand different types of Power Electronic elements.

✓ Understand the rectifier and inverter operation.

✓ To familiarize with various speed control methods and the important braking of motors, a capability of advanced hardware that can make huge potential savings in a large plant.

✓ To discuss the future of this technology and the market trends.

✓ The selection of AC convertors for VSD applications.

✓ Installation and commissioning of ac variable speed drives

✓ Problems related to VSD & motors.


Introduction To Variable Speed Drives

✓ What is a Drive?

✓ The need for variable speed drives

✓ Fundamental principles of speed control

✓ Efficiency, torque, inertia, horsepower/power factor

✓ Work and power

✓ Where does torque and speed come from?

✓ Torque-speed curves

✓ How the motor produces torque

✓ Power consumed

✓ International Codes and Standards.

Fundamentals Of Motor Technology

✓ Introduction to electric motors

✓ DC motors.

✓ AC motors (1-Ph & 3-Ph).

  • Induction Motors.
  • Synchronous motors.

✓ Universal AC/DC motors.

✓ Basic construction and physical configuration, windings.

✓ Principles of operation and performance.

✓ How the motor produces torque.

✓ Theory of operation.

✓ Basic principles of rotating electric machines.

✓ Fundamental principles of speed control.

✓ Efficiency, torque, inertia, horsepower/power factor.

✓ Torque-speed curves.

✓ Motor Losses & Efficiency.

✓ Induction motor design.

✓ Duty cycles.

✓ Insulation and Cooling requirements.

✓ Selecting motors.

✓ Classified Ex motors.

✓ De-rating Factors (Temperature, altitude, …).

✓ Voltage unbalance.

Solid-State Devices & Converters

✓ Power diodes.

✓ Power thyristors.

✓ Controlling thyristors.

✓ Gate turn-off thyristors (GTO).

✓ MOS controlled thyristors (MCT).

✓ Power bipolar junction transistors (BJT).

✓ Field effect transistors (FET, MOSFET).

✓ Integrated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT).

✓ Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor (IGCT).

✓ Current & Voltage switching elements.

✓ Rectifiers.

    • Single-phase rectifier
    • half wave rectifier
    • full wave rectifier
    • Three-phase rectifier
    • uncontrolled
    • controlled
    • Pulses (6/12/18/24)
    • Separate & series types
    • Active & Passive front End rectifiers

✓ Inverters.

    • Voltage Source Inverter (VSI)
    • Current Source Inverter (CSI)
    • Applications of VSI & CSI.

✓ Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique (6-P, 12-P, 18-P, ..).

High Power Drives

✓ Introduction to High Power Drives

✓ Technical Requirements and Challenges

    • Line-Side Requirements
    • Motor-Side Challenges

✓ Converter Configurations

✓ MV Industrial Drives

✓ Key components of an electrical drive system

✓ Modes of Operation

Soft Starters

✓ Soft Starters principals

✓ Constraints of direct starting

✓ Starting of asynchronous motor

✓ Conventional starters

✓ Soft starter main objectives

✓ Select a Soft starter

Speed Control Of Ac Motors

✓ The need of VFD.

✓ Energy Savings.

✓ Fundamental Principles of Speed Control.

✓ Introduction to VSD or Power Electronic Converters.

✓ VFD system description.

✓ VFD Operation.

✓ Types and Designs of VSD.

✓ Control Techniques & Relevant features.

    • Scalar Control (V/F Control)
    • Vector Control (Indirect Torque Control)
    • Direct Torque Control (DTC)

✓ Braking Methods of Induction Motors

    • Single-Quadrant Operation
    • Four-Quadrant Operation

The Selection Of Ac Convertors For Vsd Applications

✓ Selection procedure.

✓ Nature of the load.

✓ Selection of correct size motor and VFD converter.

✓ Motor Considerations With AC Drives

The Sources Of Electromagnetic Interference (Emi)

✓ Harmonics generated on the supply side of AC converters.

✓ The analysis of the harmonic distortion.

✓ Power Factor & Displacement Power Factor.

✓ Effects of harmonics on other equipment.

✓ Acceptable levels of distortion in the mains supply system.

✓ Methods of reducing harmonic voltages in the power supply.

✓ The installation of a harmonic line filter close to the converter:

✓ Voltages and current on the motor side of PWM inverters.

✓ Effect of the high PWM switching frequency on long motor cables.

Protection Of Ac Vfd & Motors

✓ Protective devices

    • Thermal Overload.
    • Over Current / Overload.
    • Earth fault protection.
    • Under-voltage / Over-voltage.
    • Under frequency.
    • Current unbalance or negative phase sequence.
    • Pole slip / Out of step.
    • Loss of excitation.
    • Over fluxing (V/F).
    • Stall protection / acceleration time / Start up supervision (Time between starts / Starts per hour).
    • Percentage Differential Protection for large motors.

✓ Motor Temperature Detectors.

✓ Frequency converter protection circuits.

✓ Typical Protection settings.

Installation And Commissioning Of Ac Vsd

✓ General Installation and environmental requirements.

✓ Electrical connections and Earthing requirements.

✓ Control wiring and pre-commissioning.

✓ Commissioning tests.

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